A little bit of me

Welcome to my world of business.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, with many creative ideas and solutions!

Here’s what I do;

I’m Managing Director of True Ambition, a Business Development company that finds opportunities, writes and negotiates tenders, and provides strategic support to help organisations succeed in delivering social objectives.

In reality that means True Ambition works with clients to seek out their issues and ambitions, get to know the organisation and staff, work with them to plan and develop business opportunities, mentor, encourage innovation, write positively, encouragingly and with purpose, to win exciting contracts (and some less exciting contracts too)!

This is all stemmed by ideas and creative thinking. True Ambition supports clients to achieve their business aspirations.

Business development is tough, requiring positivity and creativity, it’s definitely worth the effort to see the signs of success shining through.  It takes good systems and processes, excellent bid writing, relationship building and negotiation skills, and a lot of patience, to win a contract.

True Ambition has those qualities.

As an added extra – My trusty, hard working, Knight in Shining Armour and I are also collectors of property. Our collection is small, but perfectly formed. It’s taken many years of hard work, sweat, and I have to admit, some tears (mine, not his! Usually out of frustration rather than pure girlyness. Although I admit to a few girly rantings, just to get the point accross)!

Refurbishments are my favourite, although we are partial to a new build if it’s challenging enough! (when you finish reading my rantings, pop over to the Hobbies and Holiday’s page to see our lovely Florida house, and cute Spanish Casa). See our website at www.sunnyhols.org.uk

I work hard, and enjoy the work that I do.  As you may well know, if you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like work! Fantastic!

Fundraising is also one of my passions.  Although I do this as part of my job by writing funding bids, I also like to take part in events to raise money for charity.  This is mostly by running various races, such as the Great North Run, Coniston 14m, various 10km races around the country, Race for Life, and this year I’m also taking part in the Liverpool Marathon.

Cancer Research is my chosen charity, as I have lost many friends and family to cancer, and I feel that my contributions are going some way to prevent others from suffering.

Have you ever raised money for charity? It’s a good way to help charities while taking part in something you enjoy. As well as running races, I’ve taken part in sponsored walking, cycling, horse riding, abseiling, and I even took part in a sponsored spelling test many years ago!

If you know an organisation that needs to be more successful, ask them to get in touch with True Ambition via email: philippa@true-ambition.co.uk on facebook www.facebook.com/true.ambition.home website: www.true-ambition.co.uk

I’m always happy to discuss ideas and look forward to being introduced to your ambitions.

Thanks for reading.


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