Reaching Communities and making a difference

I do feel inspired when I look through videos like this one. These little clips are a fascinating reminder of why we get involved in community activity, and spend all night writing funding bids!

This is a fantastic example of how organisations can really change lives.

Well done to all!

With the most recent welfare to work programmes that I’ve been involved in over the past two years or so (it may well be a lot longer since the early planning days, but life whizzes by in such a rush these days that I can’t keep track of time!), it seems there is a lot of debate about whether or not work placements and volunteering is of any use.

I’ve always encouraged my children to volunteer and try work placements because of the three main factors. 1) It helps to develop a whole range of skills; 2) It gives something back to the local communities; and 3) It makes you feel good about yourself.

I’ve heard people talk of volunteering and work placements as ‘slave labour’, ‘unethical’ and ‘pointless’,  but this is only from people who have not participated themselves.  Does that make a difference to a persons outlook? Actually experiencing the outcome or activity?

My volunteering efforts have always been positive experiences, working with like minded people to support a cause.  I’ve carried out work experience as part of almost every job I’ve had or qualification I’ve trained for, as an excellent way to build my skills and experience, learning on the job. I wouldn’t have the skills now if I didn’t put the effort in then.  It’s all about building blocks of experience.

When I look at all the great work being carried out in our communities, I feel a sense of pride, but also a sense of sorrow for those who will not allow themselves to take part, lost in their worlds of ‘self’. Hopefully clips like the one at the start of this blog will remind us all that there are some fantastic projects out there making a real difference to the community.



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