Does it matter what I wear?

Does it matter what I wear? I think it matters to be relevant for the environment where I am at that time. I wouldn’t wear my bikini to ride my horse or my riding boots in the pool.

Photo 02-12-2014 12 29 49

I’d like to spend my life in jeans with a scraggy top, but it just doesn’t do to turn up at a business meeting that way. If only I could have my own personal stylist to make suggestions when I go shopping, before a meeting and practically each morning. If I think I look ok on the outside then I feel confident enough to tackle anything life wants to throw at me, mostly.

We are coming up to Christmas party season and I’ve got two parties to attend early on in December, with a few other social events also pencilled in.  Some of them are work related and some are personal.

Photo 02-12-2014 12 29 15

The dilemma of what to wear at one party has been solved as it’s fancy dress, giving me the opportunity to be whoever I want to be! Fantastic! As long as it fits the ‘Heroes and Villians’ theme.

As for the other parties, I still have no idea.

I often have no idea what to wear though because anything other than jeans is probably out of my comfort zone!

As the Joe Browns catalogue hits both my doormat and my inbox simultaneously, my dilemma increases. As not only are the party pieces perfect, but I could absolutely fill my whole wardrobe with Joe Brown clothes! (I’m not an affiliate – I just love them!).

Photo 02-12-2014 12 29 05

I have noticed that every time I wear my favourite Joe Browns jacket, I receive compliments and definitely get noticed.

However would I be stepping into the boundaries of repetitiveness if I just wear Joe Browns?

Photo 02-12-2014 12 29 36

The brand does reflect my creative nature, and reduces the need to worry about what to wear. Although I couldn’t quite be a Steve Jobs and resort to the same outfit (unless it was jeans all the way every day). I must feel comfortable and my problem is that once I find something I like, I want to stick to it.

Sadly my budget doesn’t allow all the items I want from the Joe Brown catalogue, and I wrestle with the thought that I would still bypass that amazing dress in my wardrobe for my skinny jeans anyway. So I’ll keep my selection of skirts ready for the next meeting and take comfort in the super Joe Brown jacket that always wins compliments.

Yes, it matters what I wear, to be appropriate within the environment in which I sit.  I’ll resist the gluttony of fashion with the excuse to feel confident and take comfort in the old faithfulls, but still I cannot resist enjoying browsing through what could have been my wardrobe!

Note: There are no Joe Brown affiliate links here because I don’t have enough followers 😦

Have  a look yourself (they do men’s stuff too)…


Photo 02-12-2014 12 30 02


One thought on “Does it matter what I wear?

  1. Michaela Young

    I hate the fact that it matters, but yes it matters. Like your good self, I would happily live in jeans and almost anything from Joe Brown! 🙂



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