Creating the Super Team!

My work is varied, because I have different clients with a whole range of requirements.  This makes life so interesting, and at the same time challenging!

This requires me to work with different teams, with a range of personalities, with a spread of extremes to those that perform brilliantly as a team, and then those that fail to perform.

I chose to keep True Ambition small, with a team that are called together when needed, they are my Super Team.  The members of the Super Team are flexible, intelligent and hard working, a team of experts specifically chosen to deal with the problem we are tasked to eradicate.  We identify the source of the problem, develop solutions and implement, working effectively, testing and securing the project before closure.  The work is challenging, and the job is always completed to the agreed requirement, with no time for under performance.  The Super Team earns their name.

Teams need to perform. In a business where deadlines are tight and projects are expensive, it becomes more important that the teams perform well.

How how do you select your own Super Team?  Two major points to consider;

Expertise – mix up the experienced with the learners, have different disciplines regularly work together to deal with problems, combining expertise is essential to find solutions, and also people who are unfamiliar with the problem who can see beyond boundaries, such as external consultants, trainees, and staff from other areas of the business.

Personalities – the type of personality is so important when building your teams. Remember that experts know their area, and depending on their personality type, they may cause ructions within the team.  Check out the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and other measuring tools to make sure you have a good balance.

Creating Super Teams to get together to deal with a specific problem or project has added benefits. It forces people to work together that do not usually work on a daily basis as a team, increasing learning, depth of problem solving skills, and a variation from the day to day tasks, increasing motivation and loyalty.

Good luck with putting your Super Team together.


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