21 BusinessMum Rules that I wish I didn’t (frequently) break!


  1. Remember to leave your office occasionally to acknowledge/feed/wash/cook/care/referee the family, regardless of your pressing deadlines.
  2. Always be in control, despite the world being full of idiots.
  3. Winning Mother of the Year Award is not that important when a major career deadline is looming.
  4. Always be confident, even if you fell asleep during the preparation and planning stage of your presentation.
  5. Listen to your loved ones, even when they frequently talk crap.
  6. Be considerate of others, although they often don’t deserve it.
  7. Be calm, despite your rising stress levels and the idiot that refuses to stop talking.
  8. Remember the customer is always right! Do not argue too venomously.
  9. Income should always exceed expenditure, even when shopping online.
  10. Don’t get angry with the kids when a customer has wound you up.
  11. Don’t get angry with a customer when the kids have wound you up.
  12. Don’t get angry with your partner when you’ve been disturbed with a cup of tea.
  13. Always remain polite to customers, despite the expletives about to fall off the edge of your sharp, and weary tongue.
  14. Working more hours than sleeping is not allowed, every week.
  15. Your time is precious, stick to the plan!
  16. Keep freebies to a minimum, although they are interesting, good for moral, and building customer relationships, they do not pay the bills.
  17. Remember to take regular breaks, eating and drinking is particularly useful.
  18. Staring out of the window is not productive, remain focused at all times.
  19. Always turn up to meetings looking and sounding professional, regardless of your work deadlines looming, and your inability to arrange for someone to collect the kids from school.
  20. Always check the route before you set off to your meeting, ‘lost’ doesn’t earn a penny.
  21. Remember to return home from a stressful, busy day, with a smile on your face, ready to undertake parenting/cooking/preparation/cleaning tasks with the enthusiasm and excitement of a contestant on Mother of the Year!

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