Let the Sceptics smirk!

I am an entrepreneur, a blogger, a writer, a mother, a creative, and I am happy!

I was brought up among logics, and I spent my teenage years and early twenties surrounded by critics that consistently asked me when I would grow up, get a proper job, find an employer, and when was I going to grow out of my little ideas and silly schemes?  I thought I was wrong to be me, I thought they were criticising all that I am.

For a brief spell, I was a good employee, but the constant grind to someone else’s ethics would consistently nag at my entrepreneurial mind.  I tolerated the peak smog of rush hour traffic, the stop start line of unhappy, disenchanted, gnomes, awaiting their fate of the daily chores, for an employer who rarely remembered their name.

I eventually learned to love my education, 10 years too late, two children to feed, and a real life, grown up job, but at least I found education and expertise eventually. My thirst for knowledge kept me enthralled, growing, and stretching like I was waking up at last.  I learned to understand myself, to know I was me, and they are them; and that is actually ok.   I learned that the logic’s and the critics were sceptical but admiring from a distance. They may not make it obvious, but it’s in there, deep down, trying to reach the surface.

I learned it is ok to be a creative, to imagine, dream, believe. It’s what created TV that the sceptics so easily immerse themselves in to escape the daily grind they have accepted so easily.  It created Apple, and Blackberries that make life easier, and more complicated, all at the same time.  It created email, google, and facebook, to reach out, capture imaginations and engage.  It created books, worlds of adventures and years of knowledge, passing on our fuel of mankind.

I guess I’m still waiting to grow up, but I am my employer, I make the rules, I take the risks, I work to my ethics, I refuse to stop the flow of ideas and the creativity, fuelling my ability to imagine, dream, and believe in myself.  I accept I am an entrepreneur, a blogger, a writer, a mother, a creative, and I am certainly happy.

Let the sceptics smirk! Let them live in their world of harsh unguarded criticism, waiting for perfection that will never arrive.  Let them be lost beyond the logic land, never trying to achieve beyond their comfort zones.  I refuse to be anything but me. I’m changing and growing, but I will not scrunch myself within their box of conformity.

I hope my team will learn too. We are a team of logic’s and creatives, mixed with those rare diamonds that have a balance of both.  It’s good to be different, it’s good to be you, it’s good to be me. Let the sceptics smirk, but know that beneath their harsh words, and gurning they are admiring and enquiring, not so critical as they like to believe.  They may need proof of your imagination, and research on your beliefs, but that doesn’t stop you performing. Remember always to be you, and imagine, dream, believe.


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