Are you a start up snob?

Are you a start up snob?

Last year, if someone had told me that I was going to start a franchise, I would have simply laughed in disbelief! After 20 years of starting up 3 different businesses from scratch there was no way I would consider a franchise. I love my work and need the satisfaction of designing the brand, exploring new markets, setting up the infrastructure and launching. Even though it’s hard work and it consumes my life, I had to do it.

When I was looking round for some new products I found what I wanted. They matched my ethics; cruelty free and natural ingredients. They are quality products with outstanding results. I wanted these products.

It was at this point I realised I was a bit of a start up snob!

I felt it wouldn’t be a proper business if everything was done for me. I just had to buy the ‘business in a box’ and it was done. I was in business almost over night ( it took 2 days for the box to arrive). In that box there was everything, products, order forms, brochures, instructions, and I had access to my own website, an upline manager to help me through it, training on products, training on running a business.

I was transformed, almost over night, from a start up snob to a franchise queen! I love it. I love the products, I love the instant profits, I love the team who support me, I loved the training.

The franchise company also gives incentives such as a car plan payment, holidays, team activities, a chairman’s bonus. I’m sold, I love it. No more start up phases for me!

Another fantastic point – I’m now building a superb team in 158 countries worldwide!

Are you a start up snob?

Have you ever considered buying a ‘business in a box’ and simply getting on with your ready made, expertly branded business? Or do you need the chaos of start up? I’m converted – how about you?

More information on joining my team here



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