Charity Fundraising

In the run up towards the #Macmillancoffeemorning  I’m donating 10% of my September profits to Macmillan You too can support this amazing cause by taking part.

Let’s start with the aloe vera toothgel. My family love this and use it everyday, twice a day, just like a normal toothpaste….but BETTER!

Why? Because…

It tastes fresh…. all day!

It cleans and protects your teeth….all day!

It’s a natural teeth whitener and makes teeth shine!

It has no poisons such as fluoride 

It’s NOT tested on animals (none of our products are)

It’s covered by our 60 day money back guarantee (as all our products are)

Message me your order at  to take part in the #macmillanfundraising or text/call 07951384928

How many do you want?
One for £5.98 or two for £10…or more?

Extra bonus….it’s a lovely shade of #macmillangreen
#charityfundraiser #getinvolved #teamambitionforever

 Thank you13312823_553453581501390_5040856677549855296_n
Lots of love from Philippa  

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