Fundraising and aloe vera

In the run up towards the #Macmillancoffeemorning  I’m donating 10% of my September profits to Macmillan 

You too can support this amazing cause by taking part.

Today I wanted to tell you about aloe vera gel:


It’s fantastic!

I discovered aloe vera gel when I was absolutely desperate!

Why was I desperate?

  1. I was suffering with insomnia
  2. The pain from my arthritis in my neck was getting unbearable, so much that I almost gave up on my career.
  3. My stomach was constantly complaining about everything I ate! I spent many bouts laid in a ball on the floor in agony.
  4. My achillies hurt, all the time – or maybe I had a bit of plantar faciatious thingy-me-gig that I can’t spell!
  5. I was falling into great sadness and despair with myself (possibly merging into depression).
  6. My hands were so sore and bleeding from constantly cleaning up puppy dog poop and wee, and horse poop (the puppy is now house trained and only eats a slipper a day – yeay!!).

Then my friend started an aloe vera business and gave me a hamper to play with for 2 days. I’m really not the pamper, creams and potions type of girl but I was desperate to find a cream that would sort my hands out and give me a face lift!

I tried everything, and loved it all. Not only did the propolis cream sort my hands out in less than 2 days, but the energy boost I got from the products was fantastic.

Of course I was so in love with them that I immediately started on aloe vera gel.  I drank 60 ml a day, every day, and still do.  The taste isn’t great, but it does get better.

In 3 days my stomach was calm and I could eat properly again – first time in 10 years!

In 2 weeks I realised I was sleeping all night – that hadn’t happened for 12 years!  I lost 5lbs in my first week – totally unintentional, but my abs were back!

My mood had totally improved and energy levels were bouncing! I even started running again.

In 1 month my achillies and my neck pain had gone – yes! – gone! I had arthritis for 10 years with pain, but now it had gone.  My achilies injury of 2 years had gone.

After 2 months my hands were repaired, with additional help from the propolis cream.  The skin on my face, arms, neck and legs were so much softer, and I had a tiny bit of cellulite on the back of my legs too which I noticed has gone now!

Wow! no wonder they call aloe vera the miracle plant! It’s an absolute miracle to me.

I love it so much I bought the business! Fantastic how aloe vera has changed my life.


It’s NOT tested on animals (none of our products are)

It’s covered by our 60 day money back guarantee (as all our products are)

If you want to get a cleaner body, message me! Do it now xx

Like my page and Message me at  to take part in the #macmillanfundraising or text/call 07951384928

#charityfundraiser #getinvolved #teamambitionforever

 Thank you, love Philippa
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